Have you seen the new official trailer of Diabolik 2: Ginko on the attack? Whether you're a long-time Murder of a Thousand Faces fanatic, or you became familiar with the character through the Manetti Bros. cinematic adaptation, you'll be delighted Panini has released a commemorative album For the 60 years of Diabolik.

The album, offered for sale as a whole Limited Edition intended for the Panini website, it is a box that is only available in 1,000 copies at a price of 49.90 euros and will be distributed from November 11th on the online store of the Modenese giant of trading cards. In addition, each copy of the album is numbered, which guarantees its uniqueness.

What will you find in the album? Below the pages of the folder you can read Completely unreleased "timeless" comic And the short story “The Rule” while there are four bags of stickers in the pack: each bag contains four cards to stick on the album along with a trading card. To complete your collection, you can then always buy more sachets in the digital panini and kiosk shop, where one will also be available Non-life version of the albumwho, in all likelihood, won't enjoy the hardcover format.

Each sachet also includes a coupon to try Win one of the 60 original drawings Theme Diabolik by 12 artists who have collaborated over the years to create the iconic comic. In short, a pack that no fan of the antihero in black tights can miss.

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