It was long ago ONE PIECE introduced the most beautiful woman in Wano. The geisha Komurasaki was the focus of the goals of many powerful men on the island, most notably the shogun Orochi, who, however, could not stomach her words. Obviously, the woman's death was a full blown drama hatched by Denjiro.

Therefore, in Orochi's eyes, Komurasaki was dead for a long time, and the Shogun did not even know the woman's true identity. Hiyori was actually hidden behind the mask, the daughter of Oden Kozuki, who stayed in Wano after the death of her parents and was protected first by Kawamatsu and then by Denjiro. In the finale of the Battle of Onigashima, surprisingly, the Woman introduced herself to Wano with his inseparable banjo.

but How did Hiyori come to Onigashima?Eiichiro Oda explains it in the SBS of Volume 104 of ONE PIECE. According to the mangaka, the woman hid in a ship loaded with gifts that Orochi wanted to deliver to Kaido and the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts to ingratiate themselves with them. Therefore, the woman appeared in the designated area, Stop Orochi from escaping and then force him to die under the blows of Denjiro's sword.

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