Despite the seeming beauty and peace of the world My hero academy shown by Kohei Horikoshi in the first chapters, nefarious deeds still happen in the darkest streets and in the most remote villages. Between criminals and discrimination, many people still have to live a hard life like mutants who do not live in big cities.

Born and raised in a big city, Tokoyami and Koda were not discriminated against. However, the story is very different for the many people with a mutated Quirk who showed up to attack the central hospital under Spinner's command. A vast majority of mutants turned to this villain to seek revenge for the wrongs they had suffered. But there are also people on the other side like mezo shoji.

The last few chapters of My Hero Academia saw this war between mutants where it was the boy from 1-A who got involved. Shoji, who, like many others, suffered severe discrimination when he was little, which left noticeable scars on his body and soul, has decided to fight against weirdos. In Chapter 371 of My Hero Academia, Shoji used all of his abilities to prepare a massive blow that he could use to defeat the enemy.

We are in front of Mezo Shoji's biggest and most important fight What effect will this hit have in My Hero Academia?

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