Pacific Rim: Title and first images for the anime series

We receive new updates regarding the previously announced anime series from via the Netflix Twitter profile Pacific Rim. Let's take a closer look.

The Pacific Rim anime series announced in 2018 now has a title: it is named Pacific Rim: The Black. The story, which takes place long after the defeat of Kaiju in the 2013 film, tells the story of two brothers who fight their battered Jaegar on a dangerous continent.

From the first pictures we can see next to a giant Kaiju, the pilot area of Hunter noting that the mecha appears to be of the same type as that in the first film, different from that of the second in the different planimetry. This is one of the elements that suggest the new series is set before the events of the second film.

The anime will be available on Netflix in 2021 and is co-produced by Craig Kyle and Greg Johnson, who have worked on a number of animated series such as X-Men: Evolution, and the animation studio Polygon images already known for example for Ajin, of which I report our assessment. In addition, a second season has already been announced for this Pacific Rim anime, a sign of the trust the producers have in this project.

What do you think about it? Will you see Pacific Rim: The Black? Write us a comment.

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