The new saga of Dragon Ball great, which began with Chapter 88, has numerous affinities with what was seen in the last film in the franchise. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero introduced the new Red Ribbon Army and Dr. Hedo, the grandson of Dr. Gelo, the creator of the androids that have caused so much trouble for the Z Fighters in the past.

Between school life and first teenage loves, Goten and Trunks also decided to embark on a superhero journey and found themselves in a criminal's hideout and along the way a private disk In the hands. In the first tables of chapter 89 of the manga, while trying to analyze the files contained on the hard drive, Trunks manages to access a screen where the embryo of a very special android appears.

It's about Cell, briefly described by Trunks as "strange creature“. After all, Vegeta and Bulma's son couldn't recognize him dr Gelo's perfect creation, eliminated by the protagonists many years earlier. Still, the reference to Cell is clear and to his new version introduced in the latest film. And you, did you notice this reference to one of the most powerful villains in all of Dragon Ball? Tell us in the comments.

Finally here are our hypotheses about Chapter 90 of Dragon Ball Super and we leave you a fanart showing Golden Freeza in the style of Z.

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