In 2020 the world of Souls was badly affected by the pandemic. Among the events loved by the most deprived fans are the conventions, including the Otakon, which, unfortunately, could be permanently closed. Let's go into more detail.

Otakon is the name of a US Congress that is held every year in Washington DC, the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany. It was born in 1994 as a fair for anime and oriental culture and was founded for a long time in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. Over the years Otakon has been the location of numerous events with voice actors and other faces familiar to fans, as well as a meeting point for various cosplayers.

Unfortunately The 2020 edition had to be canceled Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the fate of the convention, a decision will currently be made in the coming years. The establishment was always possible thanks to the income and being of the previous year still many problems related to the tragedy What has affected the world and what has not yet been eradicated is not clear whether the association that manages Otakon can reopen the fair to the public.

Although the production of the first vaccines has started, as the oldest Digimon voice actor can testify, the situation is still very delicate and the words of the President of Otakon, Brooke distorted, confirmed that the decision to continue planning the 2021 edition will be made in the coming months and that unfortunately, due to the lack of revenue and the significantly lower number of bookings currently made, it is possible that the conference could close its doors forever.

For those interested, I finally report a drawing by Hayao Miyazaki, the founder of Studio Ghibli, in the hope that the virus will soon be eradicated.

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