In the 80s there was a series that won hearts first in Japan and later abroad: Kimagure Orange Road, whose manga is also known to us under the title Capricciosa Orange Road. The anime, on the other hand, was released under the title asi Quasi Magia Johnny, which is still airing today, and Credit for this goes to Izumi Matsumoto.

Unfortunately, as we told you yesterday, Izumi Matsumoto passed away after a long illness at the age of 62 and passed away in peace. The death occurred on October 6, but it was not until tonight, October 13, in Japan, that the news was made public. Not until today, October 13th Izumi Matsumoto would have turned 62.

Matsumoto immediately gained notoriety throughout his career thanks to Kimagure Orange Road - It's almost magical Johnny and with this work he gained a huge number of fans. Unfortunately, his physical condition did not allow him to continue his career, but his post is still alive today, as evidenced by the many tweets from fans who responded to the author's death with various honors.

The many tweets from fans from different countries around the world are reminiscent of both the anime series with those who show the box sets or scenes of an episode, as well as those who love the manga. Someone even showed a Shikishi signed by Matsumoto at a comic book fair he was invited to. Izumi Matsumoto is sure to be remembered by everyone for his contribution to the world of manga.

Orange Road is back in Italy in the original uncensored version of Mediaset and could go back to the schedules.

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