In these years of serialization of On-Punch ManYusuke Murata, the manga designer, has accustomed us not only to a breathtaking style with divinely designed characters, settings and fights, but also to unpublished illustrations, created for us fans, and published on his Twitter profile.

A few days ago we showed you, for example, the sketch he had dedicated to Mega Man (wonderful for being only a sketch), while today we return with a new design spread by the master. Apparently not even have work ahead and the deadline for the release of the next chapter of One-Punch Man, can exempt him from making some illustration, almost as if, doing so, allows him to distracted from the stress of work.

If with Mega Man he had distanced himself from the world of Saitama and companions, this time he returned to the sheepfold, made a splendid Gothic version of the Esper sisters, Tornado is Storm. As you can well see from the drawing shown at the bottom of the article, we have Tempesta in the foreground and the sister in the second, both dressed up with unusual clothes and clearly taken from the imagination Gothic.

As usual the skill of Murata has not gone unnoticed and the fans did not spare themselves from praising his work and especially from thank for the time it takes each time to create designs to share with its fans.

If you missed it, Sony has decided to work on a Live Action on One-Punch Man and some fans have thought of the Deadpool actor as Saitama.

What do you think of Murata's drawing? Write it below in the comments.

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