Saitama is a very sui generis protagonist. Far from the Shonen cannons, it is mainly used to make fun of them. Ugly, bald, a few years behind and no longer a teenager, so far the protagonist of One hit man In one fell swoop he was able to silence any threat.

The story created by ONE and then redesigned by Yusuke Murata doesn't just focus on him, however. In fact, in One-Punch Man there are many friends and enemies, especially heroes, and whoever has joined the cast A significant part of the public conquered Fubuki. Fubuki, the younger sister of the S-class heroine Tatsumaki, also possesses psychic powers, but in the manga and anime she is mostly talked about for her beauty and winking poses.

Now we see the two heroes together in a fan art prepared by the illustrator who signs himself as vvv020vvv. We want to see below from the Reddit post that has already collected a lot of upvotes Fubuki and Saitama have all dressed up for an important ceremony. With a different design style than Murata, but still very beautiful and effective, the duo steals the show while we also see Genos on the sidelines.

We recently revamped Fubuki with a cosplay created by Faunarosa, while the One-Punch Man manga has hit chapter 139 for now.

[ART] Saitama and Fubuki (One Punch Man) from 貝 @ vvv020vvv from r / manga

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