Murata is very committed One punch man, his flagship manga, which he has been working on for ten years now. The ONE Webtoon revamp is still a work in progress and will take a long time, so it takes all the time to draw the chapters. It sometimes happens that in anticipation of the publication of the volumes of One-Punch Man, the chapters are changed.

However, the unpredictable happened in the last week. Two weeks ago, Chapter 164 of One-Punch Man, which he saw in action, was released on Tonari no Young Jump Saitama and Garou, against each other. The bald hero faces the human monster in a sensational battle that will captivate the whole world. In the last few days, however, it has been like this released a new 164 chapter of One-Punch Man that shocked fans.

The first part of the chapter traces the same events as the previous one, but a complete change of direction is made in the second part. Rather than give up, Garou is contacted by an unknown entity that grants him new powers. At the end of the chapter the Cosmic version of Garouwith its usual black silhouette but full of galaxies and stars, and which seems to have extraordinary power.

Murata shocks everyone and now we are waiting to find out what will happen to Saitama.

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