On another battlefield, that of Kamino's Ground Zero, where the statue of All Might once stood, Dabi was defeated. This had the effect of raising the spirits of all My Hero Academia heroes involved in the war against the villains. However, only one hero seems to be defeated: Make an effortwhich All for One faces.

My Hero Academia 354 continues with the two, where they were left at the end of the last chapter. Hawks knows full well that Endeavor could fall prey to the words of All for One, an experienced manipulator in this regard, and also knows that his own Quirk isn't the same as before. Meanwhile, the two strongest heroes try to throw the opponent into crisis with various attacks, especially attacking his mask, which also serves as a life support.

Until then, everything seems to be going smoothly Endeavor does not respond to All for One's insults, who takes advantage of an opening and severely injures him. Hawks tries to intervene, but he too finds himself in the middle of an enemy attack and risks death in the process. Only on the last few pages, just before the punch, does Kyoka's attack come Jiro shields Hawks with his sound quirk. The girl from 1-A emerges in flight, helped by Tokoyami, who holds her. The two students decide to get involved and face All for One to set the stage for a new fight in My Hero Academia.

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