A press release announced that the multimedia project by Avex images Y GCREST, living paradoxicallywill have an anime adaptation that will be titled Paradox live the animation and that it will be released in Japan in 2023. An illustration commemorating the production was released at the same time.

living paradoxically, which launched in 2019, is a music multimedia project based on hip-hop. The illustration in question shows the leaders of the four music teams: Allen Sugasano of "BAE', Naoakira Saimon from 'The cat's whiskers', Kanata Yatonokami from 'cozmez' and Iori Suiseki of 'Akan Yatsura“.

Synopsis for Paradox Live

In the near future, a new movement called "Phantom Live" is emerging in the midst of hip-hop culture. Rappers create illusions connected to their emotions using chemically reactive accessories containing a metal called "phantometal" with its own DNA to wow youth on a glittering stage. However, behind the scenes, they suffer from "traumatic illusions" as a side effect.

The story of The Paradox Live follows four hugely popular groups in their respective genres. BAE, The Cat's Whisker's, Cozmez and Akan Yatsura (悪漢奴等). They lead her to the legendary club called CLUB PARADOX where the mysterious meeting takes place. To prove that their own music is number 1, they take part in battles. The curtain rises on this illusionary stage fight as light and dark collide in a swirling frenzy.

Font: Weird Natalie

(c) Paradox Live 2022

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