ONE PIECE and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba are among the most successful manga - and thus also anime - of the last few decades. Even ONE PIECE broke several records Over the course of his very long release, Demon Slayer beats him in several situations. Either way, both are still at the heart of the industry.

They're both big shots and all of their characters are etched into everyone's minds. Though they haven't appeared often in the manga since their introduction, in ONE PIECE we have the pirate group called Supernovae, which also includes the protagonist Luffy and his loyal ally Zoro, as well as many important characters. in the Demon Hunter Instead, there are the Hashiras, or pillars, the pinnacle of power for the group of demon hunters, each with unique traits that are gradually discovered throughout the anime.

What would happen if you combined these groups of characters from ONE PIECE and Demon Slayer? The designer Raizou thought of Take the ONE PIECE Supernovae and turn them into Hashira from Demon Slayer, with the result shown in the video available above. Each supernova retains its own main trait, but at the same time takes on some demon hunter traits, resulting in a unique result. Do you like the vision of Raizou Art?

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