The manga of My Hero Academia is progressing relentlessly in narrating, clash after clash, revelation after revelation, the incredible saga that is seeing all the Pro Heroes most famous in the world clashing with the strongest villains in history, members of the Liberation Front headed by Shigaraki Tomura.

Among the various fights, the one that kept the fans with bated breath longer it is definitely the fight that saw the Pro Hero number 2 Hawks, against the fearsome and enigmatic Dabi. If you are following the manga, otherwise if you do not want to spoilers leave the article, then you will have seen how in the long run villain with ice flames managed to get the better of the winged hero Hawks. Not only has he cornered him, but he has too seriously injured, burning most of his wings and causing him so much damage to make him unable to speak.

It was only thanks to the intervention of the aspiring hero Tokoyami if Hawks managed to escape the enemy’s clutches and also thanks to the limit that the Dabi Quirck has manifested. In fact it would seem that the villain can use its own flames only for a limited period of time, after which they begin to lose power, forcing its user to take a break to regenerate them. It was just when Dabi stopped attacking that he shared some of his thoughts with the young Tokoyami, letting the reader in, even if for a fleeting moment in his head.

So he launched into a speech on how he believes i “Pro Heroes have bloodstained hands more than those who want to defeat”, showing the contempt he has for the heroes and the reason that pushed him to join the bad guys.

What do you think of Dabi’s thought? Share or not? Write it below in the comments.

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