The series of ONE PIECE led Luffy and his companions into extremely peculiar territories, born from the imagination of the master Eiichiro Oda. The mangaka himself, while answering a reader question, imagined what their professions would be if they lived in the real world, far from the life of the pirates.

This question could tie in with the characters' stories as well, as many of them do before venturing onto the Grand Line and, according to Luffy's dream, they actually had responsibilities and jobs that can also be found in real life. Robin was and is an archaeologist, Sanji was the cook and waiter at the Baratie floating restaurant, Franky is an experienced and passionate carpenter and chopper a doctor.

However, Master Oda was surprised by the unique question asked by a fan, and when he noticed some suggestions from the other readers, he finally decided to determine exactly which it should be the work that best suits the nine members of the Mugiwara. fits. As you can see in the picture below, the Mangaka also chose rather special professions, such as graphic designer for Usopp, the detective for Brook, the stylist for Sanji, and the pilot for Franky.

Luffy could certainly fill the role of the firefighter, able to save people from great distances and maybe keep a lot of water in his body to use and put out fires. Chopper would be a nice and fearful elementary school teacher, and Zoro would appear rather menacing in the guise of a policeman. Finally, Oda introduced herself to Nico Robin as a flight attendant and Nami as a kindergarten teacher. How about? Do you agree with Oda’s hypothesis? Let us know in the comments.

Remember, the Zoro and Kaido clash came to life in a fan video, and we'll leave you to a discussion about the ONE PIECE story holes.

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