Mashle: Magic and Muscles Hits a Whopping Milestone

Melding the satire of One-Punch Man with the whimsy of Harry Potter, Mashle - Magic and Muscles emerges. The anime's second season theme song has not only caught global fan attention but has smashed viewing records!

The official Mashle X account announced the second season's opening hit an astounding 10 million views on YouTube within two weeks of release. As of writing, the video boasts a staggering 12.9 million views, a figure that's bound to climb.

The opening track, titled "Bling-Bang-Bang-Born", is belted out by the band Creepy Nuts. Compared to the first season's opener "Knock Out" by Taiiku Okazaki, which garnered just 2.55 million views in nine months, this new track's success is off the charts.

Meanwhile, Mashle's second season dazzles fans with top-notch animation, featuring battles that are nothing short of epic and comedic moments that hit the mark. The anime staff has teased that the new episodes will adapt the Divine Visionary Selection Exam arc, where protagonist Mash Burndead and friends face a crucial selection exam.

For Mash, devoid of any magic, acing the exam will be tough, forcing him to rely solely on his muscles! In digital news, the Mashle manga concluded last July with a finale that was nothing short of spectacular.

Source: Mashle X official account

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