Luffy's dream is one of the most ambitious: to become the next pirate king and that ONE PIECE before all others the legendary treasure of Gol D. Roger. But it is not just a dream, but a goal that is made more real than ever by the members of the crew who accompany the protagonist on his adventure.

Although Luffy's crew is not yet complete, the role of "Vice-Captain" of the Mugiwara has been debated between only two characters for years: Zorro and Sanji. Nevertheless, Eiichiro Oda he never made a clear statement, gave hints here and there, and never really gave an answer to the question. In the last chapters, however, the author has added a term - previously used - to describe the meaning of the two pirates for straw hat.

In fact, Robin turns to Sanji in Chapter 1020 of ONE PIECE and describes him as "worthy of being the pirate king's wings“But the plural must not arouse suspicion, because it appears as natural as it does in reality Nico Robin also relates to another person in addition to the crew chef who is none other than Zoro. In fact, in Volume 73 of the SBS, Oda had already used the term "wing" to refer to Zoro and Sanji as the "Luffy's wing". And to confirm this, this is the very finale of the last chapter, where the editor adds a note to the closing table removed from Manga Plus that reads"both wings appear " especially in relation to the two pirates in question. After all, the decision not to have a real vice-captain could be dictated by the fact that he is not in the singular but in the plural.

As for you, what do you think of that little detail in the last chapter instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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