The first season of chainsaw man continues to delight fans of Fujimoto's work and is commended for the overall quality of work done by MAPPA. Even the opening was hailed for the numerous references to famous films, but one fan found a very disturbing detail that also theorized about Makima.

Makima depicts one of the fundamental characters in Denji's new life, as if it weren't for it, the protagonist would likely have been killed by the public security to which he now belongs as a demon hunter. However, Makima's character has hidden sides and seems to have wanted it Put Denji in the group out of selfishnessalmost as if he wanted to use his incredible strength to score his own goals, using them against increasingly dangerous and powerful opponents.

That attitude is also anticipated in the opening, according to a fan who noted the presence Leuchochloridium paradoxum, a parasite that naturally takes on the spirit of snails to be eaten by birds. What do you think of this reference? Did you notice it at the opening? Tell us in the comments. Finally we remind you that Power has appeared on the cover of a famous Japanese magazine and we leave you with the previews of Chainsaw Man 1x07.

@glimmervoid LOVE THIS DETAIL. first episode was 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵 #fyp #fypシ #chainsawman #csm #denji #makima ♬ ANIME PHONK - Hikigaya

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