October 24, 2022 was a milestone for the readers of Hunter X Hunter. Yoshihiro Togashi's series is back after a nearly four-year hiatus due to the health of the master, who in a recent post on Twitter, where he is currently the mangaka's most followed mangaka, revealed a very worrying detail about the production rhythm.

Since he started sharing footage and photos on social media again from May 2022, Togashi has expressed excitement while confirming he did it expands his staff of assistants, and many believe that Hunter x Hunter could pass into their hands in the future, always under the supervision of the master. In fact, Togashi's health condition did not allow him to put himself to work for two years and according to what he said in the post in question Creating a table from scratch would take about a week.

This would mean an incredible slowdown to pack even a single chapter, which generally consists of 18-20 tables. Given Togashi's decision to stop posting comments on Shonen Jump, e.g Let the wizards do it insteadhints that Sensei might actually retire in the future.

Finally we leave you with our special dedicated to Togashi's love for video games and the spoilers of Chapter 395 that will be released soon MangaPlus Sunday November 20, 2022.

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