Kawaki's debut shuffled the cards and brought the anime off Boruto: Naruto the next generations at a very high quality level. However, the animated adaptation has temporarily deviated from the events of the manga to focus on three original anime episodes, i.e. events that are not present in the paper version.

After episode 209, also an original anime that focuses on the relationship between Kawaki and Himawari, the new part will bring back an opponent who was previously cornered the Seventh Hokage.

Let's talk about the very dangerous delta that was of those of Jigen. assigned tasks excluded. With Kashin Koji still infiltrated in Konoha, Code was tasked with finding Boro, who was supposed to protect Naruto's prison. Delta was therefore the only one who had nothing to do.

However, we see her in action again in episode 210 of Boruto. Konohamaru and Sai go on a top secret mission whose goal it is the cult of Boro. infiltrate to find information on Kara. However, as we can see from the video at the end of the article, the two ninja of the leaf are running in Delta, ready to take revenge for the defeat of the Seventh Hokage.

The Kara Inner is endowed with superhuman powers, as well as ninja science tools capable of doing so soak up any jutsu and fire deadly laser beams. It could be the toughest fight for Konohamaru and Sai.

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