In ONE PIECE he made his debut Dreamin 'On, the opening theme number 23 of the historical anime from the manga of the same name by Eiichiro Oda. And given the trend of previous acronyms, we need to get used to seeing them for at least a year. It is therefore time to create a ranking most beautiful opening of ONE PIECE.

As with the theme songs from Naruto Shippuden, we also open the dance with ONE PIECE. Let's see what we think is there Top 5 of ONE PIECE openings.

  • ONE PIECE Opening 6 - Brand New WorldWe'll start with a theme that greeted viewers during the Enie's lobbying saga. With the typical scenes from the opening of ONE PIECE, we are first introduced to the daily life of Luffy's crew and then thrown into the epic clash between Mugiwara and Enie's lobby with gripping music that is nice but brings a touch of nostalgia .
  • ONE PIECE Opening 10 - We are. As anime fans know, there are three versions of We Are. The first is the one used in the first few episodes of Hiroshi Katadani; The second is the one reinterpreted by the crew's voice actors and reused as opening number 7. finally the third, which is used as the tenth opening and which takes up the original We Are, but has been musically revised, richer and without sound effects. We choose the latter precisely because of its more modern appearance.
  • ONE PIECE Opening 11 - Share the worldThe singers from TVXQ, a South Korean and non-Japanese band, switched fans at a rapid pace as images of the new characters flow between Shichibukai and Supernove.
  • ONE PIECE Opening 13 - One Day from The Rootless. A song that begins in a calm way, identical to the video in which Luffy can be seen in an icy expanse, and then moves on to the crew enjoying the tranquility of the journey on the Thousand Sunny. But the song begins with the choir keeping a fast pace to introduce those characters who can destroy the world, including Whitebeard, Blackbeard and the Navy, while Luffy tries to reach out to Ace who will fulfill his destiny.
  • ONE PIECE Opening 23 - Dreamin 'OnTo close the top 5 we choose the recent opening of ONE PIECE, which, in addition to captivating music, also includes a superbly animated video to highlight the difference in choices between the direction of the Wano saga and that of the previous arcs.

Unfortunately, many ONE PIECE openings that deserve a mention are not on this list. What are your favorites

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