For several months now, the fight against piracy by Japanese publishers between the laws of the Japanese parliament and the lawsuits with the largest portals in the world has become more and more incessant. One of the effects of these measures was the closure of another pirate site. Manamoa.

After the closure of Kissmanga and Kissanime last month, which interested English-speaking and similar users, this time it is the turn of the largest Korean portal for pirated manga. For those who do not know him, Manamoa has long been central Spoiler disclosure and preview of the most famous manga, from ONE PIECE to My Hero Academia and for the Dissemination of poor quality scans and translations around the network.

In fact, there have been many who have translated into English and other European languages ​​from these Korean publications uploaded to the website. This was very well known as there was always a huge watermark with the Korean logo of the pirate portal on the pages. After several days in which the site could not be reached, the confirmation came after an investigation leading to the Closure of Manamoa.

Given the trend over the past few weeks, more sites could be added to the now permanently closed. In addition, publishers seem to want to pursue global strategies, with MangaPlus exploring the inclusion of new languages.

Manamoa (the Korean scanlation site and source material for many other languages ​​scanlations) has been officially closed due to copyright infringement. by r / manga

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