The message Luffy left after Marineford posted the narration of ONE PIECE two years into the future. The Mugiwara have agreed to reunite in the Sabaody Archipelago and their arrival marks the beginning of the Saga of the underwater paradise, seventh of the epic story narrated by Eiichiro Oda. Let's go through it in a short summary.

That Collapse of Marineford has caused uncontrolled crime growth in the Sabaody Archipelago, leading the protagonists to immediately face new threats like the fake Mugiwara. Attracted by the rumors of Straw Hat's return, Sentomaru comes to the Sabaodys with many pacifists, and Luffy immediately demonstrates the advances made thanks to the teachings of Rayleigh Destroy one with a single jet gun.

The Mugiwara gather aboard the Thousand Sunny and set off to the island of the fish people. After confronting the Kraken, witnessing the eruption of an underwater volcano, and overcoming the pursuit of Caribou, the protagonists reach their goal.

Arriving at the Mermaid Café, Luffy and his companions meet the owner Shirley, a mermaid half-sister of Arlong, who explains to them how she will become Empress over the course of two years Big Mom has claimed dominion over the island, previously protected by Whitebeard. Shirley can also see the future and sees the destruction of Fishman Island by Luffy.

Fear of the Future as seen by Shirley, Van Der Decken IX, descendant of the Flying Dutchman's captain, and Hody Jones, Captain of the new Fishman Piratesform an alliance and break into King Neptune's palace to face the Mugiwara.

A flashback deepens the story of the Pirates of the Sun, and their captain in particular: Fischer Tiger. Hody's crew manages to capture the ruler and his sons as they wait for the Mugiwara to arrive for one last battle.

Luffy knocks out 10,000 fishmen with the Conqueror King's ambition, and after a series of battles, he moves to the gigantic Noah's Ark, where he is able to finally defeat Hody. However, the ship is on its way to the island, and luckily Princess Shirahoshi manages to stop it by summoning Kings of the Seas with an ancestral weapon-equivalent ability called Poseidon.

there Saga of Underwater Paradise, narrated from chapters 598 to 653ends with Blackbeard's rise to Emperor and Luffy's declaration of war on Big Mom to protect the island of the Fishmen.

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