While many are discussing the strength of Zoro from ONE PIECE, one enthusiast decided to animate the fight between the famous swordsman who is a member of Luffy's crew and Kaido, a character featured in the Volume 79 of the famous manga.

The footage was shared through the account on Twitter @ 4takuriV2 and was then uploaded to YouTube to increase the quality of the video. At the end of the news you will find the message from the author of the animation along with the video, which lasts 32 seconds and will allow us to see part of the challenge in between Zorro and Kaidothat ended in defeat for the famous swordsman. The tweet was quite successful, with over a thousand likes and over 18 thousand views, while the author also revealed that this is his first animation, but he plans to create one dedicated to the clash between Luffy and Kaido.

The pirate crew led by Luffy is currently in Wano, waging a battle against Kaido and his allies, one of the adversaries who are the protagonists of the work of Eiichiro Oda they will have to defeat. If you follow the manga of the famous Japanese artist, the first rumors about chapter 1020 of ONE PIECE have already leaked online, while the trailer for episode 1020 of the show is online.

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