Key element of the seventy-fourth chapter of Dragonball Super is the new transformation from Vegeta. Appearing in the latest cartoons after a long fight in which the prince suffered the worst, nothing official is known about this form. What color did Toriyama and Toyotaro choose?

According to what was noticed by Goku, he warned a completely different ki and unknown, almost like Beerus, the new transformation seems inseparable from the gods of destruction and the Hakai. Aesthetically very similar to the original concept of Super Saiyan 3, which Vegeta never officially achieved, the Saiyan prince appears to have changed his face and is almost like his new master.

Not much is known about this transformation, neither the name nor the coloring of Sensei Akira Toriyama and his student Toyotaro. However, the community has already tried to guess Vegeta’s hair color. Based on what we saw at Toppo, the apprentice of the God of Destruction of Universe 11 who appeared during the Tournament of Power, the Saiyan prince’s aura and hair are from purple color.

This prediction seems very specific, since the black and white pages of Chapter 74 of Dragon Ball Super suggest a very dark red color, almost purple. And what do you think of this form? We introduce Dragon Ball Super 74 in this V-Jump promotional video.

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