Have the latest events from ONE PIECE brought many characters to Luffy's side, some planned for some time, others rather surprising. With chapter 991 there was another addition to the up-and-coming Pirate King chessboard. Let's find out what it is.

Chapter 991 of ONE PIECE, which immediately follows the X-Drake escapes the queen's clutches, Who's Who and Basil Hawkins. The head of the Swords Department of the Navy was discovered as a spy, but his name is not yet known. He saw himself in great danger and decided to throw himself on the pitch and temporarily join the Straw Hat crew.

Given his intention to gain information about Kaido, but also to weaken him, the opportunity was perfect. Given X-Drake's high risk of death, as Hawkins predicted, the man has no choice besides asking Luffy to join him to help him fight the emperor.

At first Luffy is stunned and even his crew, mainly with Zoro, Jinbe and Franky, are clearly against this alliance. Even Zoro has a sword fight with him, however Luffy surprises every two seconds later by temporarily adding X-Drake to the group. The comrades don't take it well, but the spy seems to remember Koby's words well. Before we see what the arrival of the dinosaur will bring, we will have to wait a few weeks given the new hiatus from ONE PIECE.

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