After the events of the Underwater Paradise saga, the Mugiwaras set out in the New World and reach Punk Hazard, an island divided into a burning and a frozen area. Here they discover that the scientist Caesar Clown is making weapons and artificial devil fruit. Thus began the saga of the Pirates of Donquixote, the eighth in the series ONE PIECE.

Dragons, giant children and a samurai wreaking havoc, Kin'emon to find Momonosuke introduce the protagonists to the bizarreness that characterizes the first part of this adventure. Law also arrives on the island, who confronts Smoker and reveals that he is a member of the Fleet of Seven. After the fight with the Admiral, the captain of the Heart Pirates Luffy proposes an alliance to overthrow an emperor.

A quick fight with Caesar Clown spells the defeat of Luffy and the others who are imprisoned. So the Mugiwaras know Vergo, subordinate of joker, a character who exploits the factories on Punk Hazard to make weapons and artificial devil fruits, the smileys, which are delivered to Emperor Kaido. Joker yes will turn out to be Donquijote Do Flamingo. Thanks to Law, the protagonists manage to free themselves and head towards the laboratory to face Vergo and Caesar Clown.

Luffy and Law manage to defeat Caesar and Vergo respectively, and then make their way to Dressrosa with their crews. On the island, the Mugiwaras learn about the bullfight, the tournament organized by Do Flamingo where the Foco Foco fruit that belonged to Ace was put up for sale. In reality Caesar's return to Doflamingo turns out to be a trap for Lawfacing Admiral Fujitora.

While Luffy is participating in the tournament, Nami, Sanji, Brook, Chopper, and Momonosuke who are on the Thousand Sunny are attacked by Doflamingo himself. The five manage to escape and disappear from view for the rest of the saga. In the meantime Luffy meets Sabohis close friend, who was left for dead and wishes him to win the competition, and joins Zoro and Kinemon to reach Do Flamingo's castle.

Usopp instead manages to terrorize Sugar, an officer of the Don Quijote Pirates who can turn living beings into toys thanks to the powers of the Hobby Hobby fruit. Scared the girl into passing out Usopp manages to return all victims to their original form and asks her to destroy the factory. Feeling threatened by what is happening, Doflamingo activates a giant birdcage that surrounds the entire island.

In the final battle, the remaining Mugiwaras can also count on the help of extravagant characters who are obsessed with them, such as Bartolomeo. Zoro defeats Pica, which has become enormous thanks to the pietra pietra fruit. Two flashbacks reveal important details about Doflamingo and Law's past.

there Saga of the Pirates of Donquixote, narrated from chapter 654 to chapter 801, ending with Luffy using Boundman's Gear Fourth for the first time to unleash one of the most powerful attacks against Doflamingo, destroying the cage. The Mugiwara are ready to go, even stronger thanks to the newly born Great Straw Hat Fleet.

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