Bleach: Thousand Years of Blood War is currently on the air. The new season of the anime, which will adapt the manga to its conclusion, is enjoying immense success. We know that Kubo plays a key role in Studio Pierrot's production.

The writers' love for the new season is so great that they went to one just before the debut Japanese temple to pray for the success of the anime. Even though 10 years have passed since last season, Kubo shows that he still cares about his work, working closely with the Studio Pierrot team to oversee and complement their work. In a new interview, more information about the collaboration appears. Tite Kubo and Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War screenwriter Tomohisa Taguchi have their say.

Kubo tells that the first step was to help the quality of the animated implementation process by getting the plot to flow. "During the planning phase, I informed the studio about my specific wishes". For example, he recommended cutting out some funny clips from the paper version, keeping in mind the differences between a manga and an anime, with the intention of preserving the original atmosphere, especially in revisions."After that, we reviewed the script of each episode. I've suggested many changes that I think are appropriate, and I hope I didn't come across as overbearing (laughs)”.

They add up Taguchi's words: "Not at all, I'm the first to appreciate Kubo's contribution (laughs)" "The adjustments he suggested have greatly improved the quality and this is especially appreciated in the dialogues. With his contribution we were able to work on the real BLEACH.". Afraid of tampering with the work, Taguchi briefed the other members of the group according to Kubo's instructions. "When he attended meetings, employees were fascinated by his ideas and corrections." (laughs).

Kubo finished the Bleach manga in 2016 and has had plenty of time to grow professionally and re-evaluate the manga's original conception The saga of the bloody war of the thousand years. While you wait for the new installment of the series, we invite you to catch up on our special on the return of Ichigo.

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