Chainsaw Man is Studio MAPPA's most ambitious project and the series is making a lot of noise. Japanese magazine Men's NON-NO has published an interview with director Ryuu Nakayama (left) and animation producer Keisuke Seshimo (right). Before we continue reading, let's point out the progress of Chainsaw Man Episode 7.

interviewer: What specifics in animation production can you share?

ryuu nakayama: As a starting point, we wanted to create an aesthetic similar to that of a live-action film, also thanks to the dialogue with the mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto, who is also a cinema enthusiast. The premise was to respect the original work so as not to destroy its atmosphere through the adaptation. Our Chainsaw Man goes beyond an anime classic.

interviewer: Do you have a clear idea of ​​how to animate Chainsaw Man?

ryuu nakayama: Yes, Tatsuya Yoshihara is supervising the fight scenes as a director, and I've worked on action scenes myself as an animator, so that's an area I pay special attention to.

Keisuke Seshimo: When we animate the action in Chainsaw Man, we design dramatic scenes, but I think the animation involves a lot of attention to detail to make it realistic. There's a strong directorial vision in Chainsaw Man in that regard.

ryuu nakayama: That is exactly right (laughs) I think it's important to design the animation of the characters keeping in mind the realistic characterization of each one and cut out what doesn't work.

Keisuke Seshimo: Chainsaw Man's animators are very dedicated though and not infrequently there is a conflict of opinions. That's a very good thing because it comes from their strong motivation to give the best and leave nothing to chance.

ryuu nakayama: Yes, they are very passionate and everyone has their own initiatives. This contributes to an excellent end product.

interviewer: The closing theme songs change from episode to episode as events unfold, and this is a notable aspect of the anime.

ryuu nakayama: During the directing process, I was thinking along with Seshimo-san about an alternative ending for a specific episode of the series. At some point in the making, even before we knew it, all episodes ended (laughs).

Keisuke Seshimo: For us, the ideal ending theme is the one linked to the development of the story, since each episode has its own imprint depending on the director's choices.

ryuu nakayama: And during the dialogue with the musicians, we specifically asked for a specific adjustment depending on the episode. Each of them did their best, which allowed us to bring amazing music to the anime.

Keisuke Seshimo: We have made an unusual choice that brings quality to the series.

what no do you think of the anime chainsaw man? Does it meet your expectations? In the meantime, we'll leave you to some reflections about the manipulations of Makima.

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