While with the manga by ONE PIECE We are actually entering the final phase of the saga of the land of Wa, which then leads us to the final arc of the pirate epic by Eiichiro Oda. The anime recently introduced us to the power games among the numerous characters we live in Wano Kuni.

From what we've seen in previous episodes Monkey D. Luffy Separated from the rest of his crew, he uses the sumo inferno to improve his haki command. In episode 936, the captain of the straw hat crew seems to have made it thanks to advice from older Hyo Use the ryou, or the ambition extension of armor, properly.

While in episode 937 the conclusion of this incredible clash with Luffy as the protagonist is almost certainly waiting for us, the preview shown, which you can find in the post at the bottom of the news, revealed the title and some sequences that focus on characters seem to focus on certain things.

With the title ""Tonoyasu: The most important man in Ebisu"" We will discover various details about the life and past of the former feudal lord of Hakumai who, after taking an incomplete smile, was destined to always have a smile without ever being able to show his true feelings.

After some speculation, the Emperor Kaido might die in Chapter 1000 of ONE PIECE, and we leave you to the information about the next few episodes of the anime.

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