Ichigo Kurosaki's career as a Shinigami began in 2001's Weekly Shonen Jump. Almost ages ago considering water went under the bridge in the manga industry. However, Bleach remains one of the most famous shonen always and for this reason it also returns in today's discussions.

Recently, mangaka Tite Kubo has contributed a lot on some topics related to the manga, its ending and other details about the franchise. He recently spoke about Toshiro Hitsugaya and his status as captain in Gotei 13, but there's also another character that fans have been paying attention to. Going back to the first Bleach saga, there is one character who has slowly lost his sidekick role in favor of other characters: Sado Yasutora, also known as Chad, a dark-skinned boy capable of unleashing absurd powers through his arms. Chad is a golden boy who doesn't want to use his powers, but in the Bleach finale he becomes a boxer.

IS changed something for Chad in the bleach ending or this is an inconsistent ending? "Nothing has changed. Chad simply views boxing as a martial arts sport and therefore does not see it as anything violent." The mangaka then answers this question about Chad, bringing his story full circle.

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