Until now, All for One had shown no weaknesses. My Hero Academia's supervillain, despite being severely weakened by the clash with All Might a few years before the series actually launched, is still an extremely dangerous individual. He has unparalleled cunning and perfidy on his side, but not only that.

All for One has a Quirk that goes by the same name that can manipulate other people to force them to get a Quirk or get ripped off. In this way, he contains several powers in his body: making him My Hero Academia's most insidious enemy. But in the very last chapters there has been a change of scenery that has made this situation much more ambiguous.

During the Battle of Gunga, the Quirks stopped the villain, leaving All for One vulnerable to an attack from Jiro and Hawks. This proved that the Quirks seem to have a will of their own and therefore could mean the villain's downfall. From this final chapter of My Hero Academia, some fans have come up with a theory that It will be the overcome quirks that will destroy All for One.

Since they are many, they might also be able to overpower or otherwise weaken the villain's spirit, thus contributing to its destruction. What do you think of this possibility?

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