Attack of the Giants: show the first images of the new Colossal Giant

The spectacular trailer of the fourth season of the Attack on Titan he showed us a surprising amount of new elements that will lead us towards the conclusion of the series created by Hajime Isayama. Among the characters shown, a new and different Colossal Giant also appeared.

The third season finale left us with a new owner of the Colossal Giant, right after the end of the battle between the Reconnaissance Army and the Giants of Marley. From Bertholdt in fact the power of the Giant has passed into the hands of Armin, after a difficult decision taken by Captain Levi.

In an attempt to repel Bertholdt, Armin had been completely burned, therefore finding himself in critical condition and close to death. Despite a few moments of discussion about who, between Armin and Erwin, should receive the injection to turn into a giant, in the end, thanks to the insistence of Mikasa and Eren, Levi chose to donate it to Armin.

Armin, as a giant, will eat Bertholdt, thus becoming the Colossal Giant himself, which you can see in its "new" form in the image below. Given the now coming war against Marley it is certainly positive for the Reconnaissance Army to have such power on their side.

Recall that the fourth season of the Attack of the Giants will be carried out by the MAPPA studio, which will continue the valuable work of Studio Wit, and we leave you to our detailed analysis of the trailer, with lots of expectations on the conclusion.

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