ONE PIECE is now among the most important works of the modern manga era, a seminal piece in the history and spread of the medium. Conceived by Eiichiro Oda, the Mugiwara adventure has also reached and conquered artists and personalities from other entertainment fields, such as the game director and producer of a famous MMORPG.

If Final Fantasy XIV has managed to gain such popularity after the resounding failure of the first version of the game that it even surpasses a sacred monster of the genre like World of Warcraft, it is thanks to the phenomenon Management and direction by Naoki Yoshidawho, with his development team, brought the project back to life with the A Realm Reborn version.

Yoshida has always proven to be a game designer who puts the passion and will to make fans happy above the other more pragmatic aspects of pure production. An approach that he seems to find himself Work by Eiichiro Odawhich, according to the Game Director, is now trusted by readers because it has already shown in the past that it can live up to expectations.

Regarding ONE PIECE, Yoshida admitted that he really appreciated the events of Chapter 1044, as you can also see in the post at the bottom of the page, and he hoped everyone would read the Oda series.

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