The new one is eagerly awaited Sequence of ONE PIECE, Number 945, will stage the return of a fearsome enemy for the Straw Hat crew. Big Mom is finally ready to make the unfinished business with Luffy.

During the Arc of Wano, Luffy had to fight his way through dozens of enemies, including some of the fearsome Pirates of the Hundred Beasts. But in the course of episode 945, straw hat will have to fight with Big Mom.

As soon as she landed on Wano Beach, Big Mom explored the whole country in search of Luffy with only one aim: to kill him. As shown in the promotional video for ONE PIECE episode 945, Big Mom has to do it before facing Luffy Take care of Queen, Superstar of the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts. But the fight won't be easy, because in the ONE PIECE cartoon series Queen is ready to use the power of her devil fruit.

But while in the ONE PIECE animation series Luffy still has to face Big Mom in the manga Wano's arch is nearing its end. The pages of the work created by Eiichiro Oda allowed fans to learn a lot more about the story of Big Mom and his role. Luffy is ready for the Gear Fourth Snakeman again in ONE PIECE 992.

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