In a manga for so long ONE PIECE, it is normal that the author does not have clear all the figures that will appear over the years. Sometimes a design change is needed to make some characters stand out more and give them a different impact. It happened to Marco the Phoenix and it happened to two mighty emperors of the sea.

During the Enies Lobby saga, Monkey D. Garp arrived at Water Seven in the finale and met his nephew and crew. At this time the Yonkos were discussed, or these four characters who had a unique power and who ruled the seas of the New World, fighting each other and the Navy for land. Whitebeard and Shanks already had a well-defined design, but there were two Emperors who hadn't appeared in ONE PIECE at this point: Big Mom and Kaido. If Big Mom kept a design more or less similar to the final one, that Instead, Kaido's silhouette showed a very different character.

Fan art has been created on Kaido for years, only to appear relatively recently in Chapter 795 of ONE PIECE, right before the start of the Whole Cake Island saga. A much wilder and bestial looking man presented himself with a grim face reminiscent of a Chinese pirate. AND if instead Kaido had stuck with the original face and design? Here's a fan's version that has started circulating the web, featuring a Kaido with a much less aggressive face and a much rounder physique, instead of the sculpted version of the final version of Eiichiro Oda. Surely the current design is much more decisive and fitting, what do you think?

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