The amount of work done by MAPPA does not appear to have compromised or diminished the quality of the series produced in any way. From Chainsaw Man to Attack on Titan, the animation studio’s adaptations have received excellent reviews and critical acclaim Hell Paradise – Jigokuraku Series that also met a well-known mangaka.

Doubts about the final results of highly appreciated or awaited realizations like the new season of Vinland Saga or Jujutsu Kaisen were reduced shortly after the release of the first episode of Gabimaru’s story, which could catch the attention of one of the authors most recognized and awarded in recent years : Tatsuki Fujimoto.

As a writer of international fame thanks to the Chainsaw Man series, adapted by MAPPA in an exceptional first season, Fujimoto has praised the work of Yuji Kaku. “I recommend reading Hell’s Paradise because I found it very interesting“, with these words the mangaka commented on the work of his colleague in the post that you can find at the bottom of the page. A rare gesture in the Japanese comics sector, but which finds another very timely example in a tweet from Hiro Mashima, author of Fairy Tail, who strongly recommends reading Bokura no Souretsu.

What do you think of this advice? Have you read Hell’s Paradise yet? We await your opinion in the comments. In conclusion, here are the director’s words on the background of Hell’s Paradise and we leave you with the number of episodes of the anime revealed by MAPPA.

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