In the last chapter of the manga by My hero academiaMidoriya needed the help of Bakugo, who devised a plan to defeat Shigaraki and the paranormal Liberation Front. However, the author had a coup de grace in store that stunned fans.

If you haven't read chapter 285 of the manga, we recommend stopping if you don't want spoilers!

Midoriya pushes her power of One for all in his fight against Shigaraki beyond all borders and does everything possible to keep the leader of the paranormal liberation front in the air, where he can neither harm the heroes nor the rest of the world.

Izuku tries to resist, blow by blow, and although he has put all his energy and will into him, we know well that Deku's body will not be able to withstand long before suffering permanent damage, let alone what happened to it could happen to him if the Leader of the Villain League reached him. Bakugo wastes no time and when he witnesses the battle of the titans above his head, he devises a plan.

Bakugo, Midoriya is Todoroki You were doing an internship for the number one hero. Endeavorso he can learn how to better manage their quirks, and so the explosive hero manages to include Shoto's father in his plan. While Todoroki, Endeavor and Bakugo fight in the air, hero number one, Endeavor, uses his strongest attack, the Burning celebritiesand left Shigaraki in trouble.

Bakugo doesn't stop there to protect his friend Midoriya. He is met in his place by Shigaraki, who pierces him with his deadly threads from All for One. In this scene Bakugo sacrifices himself to save Izuku, in a devastating scene that inevitably reminds us that Deku risked his life in the first few chapters of the manga to save his friend Kacchan, even though he had no quirk.

How will this fight develop? Will Bakugo be saved? As we dry our tears, let us remind you that the month of launch of My Hero Academia 5 has been announced. If you want to dig deeper into the events of Chapter 285, we recommend reading additional considerations for Chapter 285 in My Hero Academia.

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