The Wano saga has been over for several months now, but the weight of the discoveries made by the Mugiwara on these shores will play a fundamental role in the final saga of ONE PIECE. One of the most notable characters introduced in the Wa story arc is the Legendary Kozuki odesreturned in a Tsume brand collectible statue.

Samurai skilled in the art of the sword, eager to travel and discover all the mysteries of the New World, Kozuki Oden immediately managed to attract millions of loyal readers to the work of Eiichiro Oda. Characterized by his exuberant character, to say the least, Oden actually fought for the freedom of Wano, attempting to prevent the Orochi and Emperor Kaido from dominating those lands.

That Oden's last victimburned in boiling oil to defend all innocent residents, will then be the spark that will lead years later to the rebellion led by his loyal Nine Red Scabbards and the rise of his son Momonosuke as the new Shogun of Wano.

To commemorate the deeds of a hero of such worth, the Tsume artists have decided to dedicate to him the magnificent figurine that you can see in the images shown below. The statue is 45 centimeters tall and features a Very detailed Kozuki Oden, in its simple but instantly recognizable design, with the two katanas drawn and ready to hit any opponent that stands in front of it. For those looking to purchase and add to their collection, the figurine is sold at Price of 380 euros.

Finally, we'll let you find out which was the best ONE PIECE chapter of 2022 and the best manga of 2022.

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