This has been known for many years ONE PIECE is a sales phenomenon. It's a fact in Japan, since the manga has set a Guinness World Record in this respect, achieving sales almost always reaching ten million copies every year and placing itself in the top spots in the rankings.

2022, in Japan, ONE PIECE sold 10.3 million copies, data known thanks to the annual Oricon rankings that illustrate the situation in the Japanese market. However, it is never known how many other countries are, which does not allow us to realize how much manga has been growing in the United States of America and especially in Europe in recent times. There is one country on our continent that, more than any other, confirms that it ranks well in these classifications.

France is the European country that reads the most manga and it is now very well known. Publishers can also use this to design promotional campaigns. In addition, as confirmed by Artur, ONE PIECE sales in France are very high. According to the data presented by him ONE PIECE has sold 6.7 million copies over the Alps in 2022 and significantly exceeds the 540,000 copies sold in the United States of America. These are staggering numbers that even make some manga sold in Japan pale in comparison.

So it's no coincidence that outside of French comic shops and specialty stores, there was a long queue for Volume 100 of ONE PIECE. The popularity of ONE PIECE is obviously just the tip of the iceberg as the manga market is becoming extremely lucrative.

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