A PIECE is a completely different world than ours. It is not just geography and devil fruits that separate a person's forces in this world from the real ones. There are also those who without special powers are able to release superhuman powers. And in the protagonists' crew who comes closest to this is Roronoa Zoro.

As the first member to join Mugiwara after Captain Monkey D. Luffy, we've seen Zoro struggling with heavy physical training many times in ONE PIECE. In fact, as well as training with swords, he also trains his body with abs, push-ups, and of course, weight lifting. But how much does Zoro lift during ONE PIECE?

For now, at least, there aren't any official responses from Eiichiro Oda, but several fans have tried to come up with some numbers over time. During the anime's thriller Bark saga, we see Zoro lift a barbell with four disks, two on each side, the radius of which is the same as the height of the swordsman. These disks with a radius of 178 centimeters then have a diameter of 356 centimeters, which is possible according to some estimates correspond to 3-6 tons of weight.

Another indication of the swordsman's strength is one of his three-sword movements, the Hyakuhachi Pound Ho, which can be translated either as "The 108 Passions of the Phoenix" or "The 108 Pound Cannon". The double meaning of the Japanese reading makes us think of pounds in particular, of course, with one pound being about 0.45 kilograms. To fire a 12 pound cannonball, you will need a cannon that can withstand a force of over a ton to make this pull Zoro possesses a force that can express about 9 tons of weight.

After all, the last theory goes back to the time of Dressrosa, with Zoro's strength being able to cut pica. According to the calculations of some fans of ONE PIECE, it took a force of 30 billion Newtons to cut the enemy, or this corresponds to lifting 30 tons of weight. This would make him considerably stronger than a giant like Hajrudin, who could lift 10 tons of weight.

These are then the dates in terms of how much Zoro could lift in ONE PIECE so far, although we certainly haven't seen its full power after the time jump. Who knows if the Mangaka Oda will share this information in the SBS of the volumes.

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