While the series of My hero academia continues to depict the past of the Todoroki family and how some events, largely triggered by the words of Endeavor, profoundly affected the growth of Shoto and his brother Toya in Chapter.

The aftermath of the paranormal war of liberation and the violent confrontation with Shigaraki have forced Midoriya into a forced "rest" who is currently in a comatose state. While the entire Hero Society is deeply affected by both the losses suffered during the conflict and the revelations that Dabi has made to the whole world definitely cracked people's trust in EndeavorThe villains seem ready to rebuild an army, especially after the mass escape from the Tatar prison.

As Midoriya's body tries to recover and to Explore the link to Quirk One For AllThe interest in the history of the Todoroki leaves room for an uncomfortable question of when we will see Deku's rise to Pro Hero number 1 or at least to the top positions in society. After more than 300 chapters and an incredible growth of Midoriya that turned him from a shy boy from the beginning to a fighter willing to sacrifice himself for the good of others, even at the cost of almost fatal setbacks.

What do you think about it? Do you think we'll see Deku in action again soon, or will the series still focus on other characters? Let us know in the comments. Recall that in chapter 302 the heroism of little Shoto surfaced and we left you with perfect sketches of Mirko made by an assistant to Horikoshi.

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