Warning! This review on Yahari ore no Seishun love Come on wa Machigatteiru Kan ((Oregairu 3) Chapter six contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

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# 6 Hachiman Hikigaya is speaking again

Oregairu 3 Chapter six begins with the end of the previous one. After Iroha leaves the student council room, he meets Hachiman and expresses his displeasure at making things more confusing. He also apologizes for being the cause of this. The conversation between the two reveals Iroha's feelings about the prom. Thanks to Komachi and Iroha, Hachiman has a revelation on which path to take to save the dance. In contrast, he will propose a second option to the prom, which is realistic but less attractive than the Yukinon prom. To make it possible for her to seek the help of her friends, Yui becomes actively involved, but we see again how she hurts her feelings in the process.

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The feelings around the prom

This is already a very burnt problem, but it is worth repeating until you vomit. The idea of ​​the prom was born in Iroha with the intention of thanking his senpais. It wasn't something that we literally digested, it was pretty intuitive, after all, this chapter both expresses and affirms it.

Iroha feels deep affection and enormous gratitude for the Senpais who have taken care of her. By recognizing herself as someone who does not have close relationships within her own circle, she lets us see her concern over the loss of the elders who were there for her. But it is not an unhealthy fear, but one that makes them want to act so as not to regret it. Remember, the position of President of the Student Council only allows you to enter the graduation preparations now. So when the urgency is born, no matter what, you must set the precedent. You don't want to be harassed with regrets if you don't do your best when you can. If you give it your all, you will not regret it.

Prom was born as a Kouhai's good intention, but now it has become a personal battle for the volunteer club. Since Yukinon accepted the request for help by leaving the club out, the situation had already been condemned. As you will recall, the trio that make up the club reached a delicate point in their relationship, and it was just in time when the request for the dance was made. Yukino took the opportunity to loosen up and that stretched the strings for this drama.

They needed an excuse to face their feelings, and prom has become the perfect pimp for that. As Hachiman said, the prom doesn't really mean much to them, but the personal fight he gave them was exactly what they needed. Because if something on this scale didn't happen, they could hardly put things in their place. And as we've seen before, each individual's honest feelings have emerged with greater dynamism in each moment.

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The quality of the selection

Since prom is something that definitely has to happen, Hachiman doesn't waste his time and soon comes to a solution to give him vials. While saying you found the solution doesn't mean everything is solved, let's go to parts. First of all, we need to become aware of life, Hikki has no intention of winning, his victory will be the approval of Yukinon's plan. Does that mean you are giving him the victory and underestimating his efforts? The answer is no.

Certainly Hachiman has no intention of realizing a real project and will simply put one up for Yukinoshitas to choose from, but he doesn't underestimate Yukinon. He knows better than anyone how knowledgeable his partner is, and that's why he understands the level of difficulty in designing this one-way project, as it has to match what Yukinon has envisioned, but with elements that make it less convenient.

Hachiman's solution appeals to the rules that have been imposed on them. In view of banal prejudices, the supposed autonomy of the students and the always available negotiation policy, the solution must follow these rules and what better way to do this than with a disjunction. Fostering prejudice, showing student interest and presenting an opposition is undoubtedly the logical thing to do. Preventing an election is the only way to save the prom. It is human nature to have to choose the best of evil, so Hachiman's solution is not insane at all. It may be a cumbersome and pointless job, but among all possible solutions to the problem, the most successful is not only to force the dance to be performed, but also to prove the worth of Yukinon's ideas.

In terms of the elections, it's strange that Hachiman has to continue to express his wishes with every step he takes to compete in the prom. I say this in relation to the elections because the choice of who to vote is curious at every opportunity. With initial excuses and pretexts, we finally see him more sincerely in front of his group. Totsuka did an excellent job of getting him to say he is for Yukinon. Another detail is that we can see Hachiman's growth by reaching out to her for help and making a decision contrary to his past when the President of the Student Council returned to Ishikki.

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"... don't let it end"

We continue with Yui's heartbreaking scenes. She confirmed that her job will be to break our hearts this season. This time, Yuigahama's participation begins hesitantly, after almost showing Hachiman her tears, there are still traces of discomfort. After all, it hadn't been more than a night since she saw him leave and Yukinon had clearly preferred her. But the mood is changing fast, Hachiman is not with Yukino, they are on opposite sides and she doesn't want to be left out.

Under the guise of helping, Yui plays a dangerous role in her own emotional wellbeing. Spend the whole afternoon with Hikki and experience a "romantic" atmosphere. Yes, it's okay to be in quotation marks. He serves him food and scolds him for being picky. At the same time, he looks at him sweetly, takes his hand to support him in front of his friends, and finally leans on his husband while he watches a movie.

All of this only puts pressure on his already confused heart. Do not forget that she is in the middle of three wishes and has not yet finished which one weighs most in her heart. On the one hand, he longs that everything stays the same, that the three stay together, but he also has this romantic wish for Hachiman and as if that wasn't enough, he has the other wish that his two friends are happy and he thinks, that would mean they are together.

In the end, only one of these three situations will come true and everything indicates that it will be the last. Therefore, he continues to torture himself and ask for the impossible, time does not stop. But she wants to go on a little more, just a little more wants to believe in the possibility of the first two wishes. But the mere longing for this extension hurts her heart because she blames herself for these fleeting moments. Yui's situation is pathetic, but completely understandable. She won't be the first or the last to do what she shouldn't. The closeness she forces to Hachiman only hurts her, but she cannot give up. She is doomed to live in fleeting moments and silent desires for requests that cannot be fulfilled. The end must always come.

Final comment

Oregairu 3 Chapter six was a less shocking episode compared to the previous ones, but it was no less educational for that. This chapter reminds us of the rhythm of transitional episodes that are necessary to lay the groundwork but not lead to climax. This is exactly what happens. We have Hachiman's nascent plan to oppose the Yukinon, but we are not fully entering into the execution. The one who continues to shine is Yui. They managed to impregnate their monologues with a bitter taste. Even if you are not a Team Yui, you can feel the pain of a thousand souls.

Let's not close this without mentioning that we have been betrayed. They said that this season would have no fan service and no zaz! Gahamama appears in a wild bikini. Details that feed this thirsty fandom I think. For my part, I'm excited to see Zaimokusa back on screen. There's something in his delusions that I've always liked. I was very interested in the antiprom idea he proposed, but I still don't know how something like this would work. I suppose it was best to discard them.

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Anyway, these were my impressions of this chapter: What do you think of the episode? How much more can Yui take? Do you expect "crazy words, restless little hands" to appear? I only hope so because I'm amused.


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