The Zodiac Knights It's a very long-lived manga that still manages to continue the final Next Dimension saga that will bring all this mythical story to a conclusion. Kurumada has over the years revolved around Seiya and the other Bronze Knights, favorites of Lady Athena's incarnation, Saori Kido.

When not around them, attention is drawn to the golden knights of Saint Seiya, who belong to the 12 houses of the zodiac and are endowed with unique powers. Seiya and the others also became golden knights at some point in the story. However, there are warriors that are often forgotten because they appeared much less frequently than the others: the Silver Knights. In Saint Seiya, these warriors have crossed the line of Bronze Knights and therefore have slightly stronger armor than that of the protagonists. But What are the Silver Knights of Saint Seiya??

These are some of the Silver Knights appear during the Knights of the Zodiac manga:

  • Marine dell'Aquila;
  • Shaina of Ophiuchus;
  • Misty the Lizard;
  • asterion of the dog;
  • Moses of the Whale;
  • Babylon of the centaur;
  • Algol of Perseus;
  • Jamian the Raven;
  • Dante of Cerberus;
  • Chapel of Auriga;
  • Sirius by Canis Major;
  • god of Musca;
  • Algethes of Hercules;
  • Ptolemy of Sagitta;
  • Orphee the Lyre;
  • Daedalus of Cepheus;

So overall in the original Knights of the Zodiac manga 16 of the 24 Silver Knights appeared designed by Masami Kurumada. Obviously, others have been featured in the sequel, prequel, and spin-off series, although not all are core to the nineteenth-century warriors or peers of Seiya and his associates. Do you remember these names mentioned or is someone new to you?

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