Eiichiro Oda has decided to take a month break from publishing ONE PIECE, his creature now known all over the world. This time will serve him for different purposes, but meanwhile a special project has arrived on Weekly Shonen Jump that lasts four weeks and serves to summarize some situations.

The first chapter of ONE PIECE Road to Laugh Tale was a concentrate of information about Roger and Rocks, about Poneglyphs and much more. But there was also room for some cartoons and the drafts of the protagonists in Wano originally conceived by Eiichiro Oda. In these drafts there is room for Oden Kozuki, but also for Nico Robin and especially Nami. Only the navigator landed in the eye of the storm for a translation.

In this cartoon by Eiichiro Oda, a Momonosuke, still a child, asks Nico Robin and Nami a question: "I like you both, do you want to be my assistants?". Nami instead immediately replies "It depends on the payment", making it clear that she is immediately interested in money. This cartoon, originally planned in ONE PIECE but then canceled, caused anger among some users. The reason is obvious: due to a translation by an amateur group it seemed that Momonosuke had asked the two to become wives and not assistants, so many gave Nami a pedophile and a prostitute.

Obviously this is a mistake, but part of the community did nothing but immediately pounce on the character Oda, who is known to be very attracted to money.

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