My Hero Academia 6's war is over, at least for now. Heroes and villains have stopped fighting, but as the Paranormal Liberation Front prepares for the next step, the heroes face the horrific consequences of the clash. there War forever changed the society of heroesand not only.

The second course of My Hero Academia 6 began to confirm the cataclysmic events that happened. Almost 20,000 criminals were captured, including Re-Destro and his key generals, but that's also true it is the heroes who face the worst consequences. Midnight, Crust and many other professionals are dead while Mirko, Eraserhead and Gran Torino struggle between life and death.

there The hero society was devastated from Shigaraki's attacks and Gigantomachy's frenzied onslaught. There are countless wounded civilians involved in the battle and the cities are completely destroyed. In the wake of salvage operations, realizing the horrors of war, some career heroes decide to quit the job. Deku feels responsible for thatthat All For One and Shigaraki covet.

Because of these feelings in the Part 2 of My Hero Academia 6 Midoriya will decide to change his attitude. The clip for EVE's reopening "Our" anticipates this change. In fact, in the film of the opening theme, viewers of the anime get to know each other Dark Dekui.e. an Izuku fighting alone and without the smile All Might showed at every opportunity.

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