Attack of the Giants 132 is ready to show itself to readers. Fans will then have to wait a few days to receive copies of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine or the digital English version of Crunchyroll.

In the meantime, Kodansha has already shown the cover of The Attack of the Giants, which will open the next issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. The first ones have also appeared online Spoilers related to Chapter 132.

The title of the chapter is "The Wings of Freedom" and refers to the landmark of the Exploration Legion. We won't see Eren in Attack of the Giants 132 as all of the action is focused on the ship. Floch managed to reach them and damaged the seaplane I need new repairs while Mikasa tends to him by killing him with a handle of the maneuvering device. In his last words, Floch pleads not to kill Eren, the devil who will save her, or all Eldians would be doomed.

Now the group will have to waste more time repairing the plane when the colossal giants approach. Hange decides to sacrifice himself, not before Levi tells her to give her heart to humanity. With the thunder lance, Hange defeated a colossus, followed by three others who were killed with simple blades. But at some point he has to surrender to the heat that emanates from the creatures and dies in flames.

Annie, Kiyomi, Falco, Gabi, and Yelena stay on the ship while the others board the plane. Mikasa realizes that Annie and Armin have feelings for each other. In the meantime, Erwin tells Hange that she was good and greets them along with the other companions of the Legion. The attack by the giants 132 will arrive on September 9th.

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