The author of the manga is via his Twitter account Machikado Mazoku, Izumo Itoreleased a special illustration reminiscent of the production of a second season of the anime adaptation of the piece.

For his part, Itou publishes the manga in the magazine Manga time Kirara Karat from the publisher Houbunsha since 2014. In June 2019 the publisher published the fifth compilation volume.

The piece inspired a twelve-episode anime adaptation produced by the studios. J.C. Employee, Headed by Hiroaki Sakurai and scripts from Keiichirou OuchiAs explained at the beginning of this notice, production of a second season is being confirmed, but a premiere date has not been announced, nor has it been confirmed whether the same production team will participate.

Synopsis of Machikado Mazoku

The story follows Yuuko Yoshida, a 15 year old girl who wakes up one morning with demonic magical abilities and has to defeat the magical girls in her town! Suddenly she has horns and a tail, but her strength does not exceed that of a normal girl. With the aim of breaking her curse for "40,000 yen a month", she is on her way!

Source: Official Twitter account

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