There are many fronts in Wanokuni, many of which started with the beginning of the second act in the ONE PIECE anime. If Luffy learns Haki, or rather Ryou, in prison, thanks to the teachings of old Hyo, somewhere else Zoro came into contact with an important person on the islandand discover its secrets.

The new episode of ONE PIECE let us discover the identity of the girl whom Zoro had recently saved from Kamazo, the murderer. The woman who brought little Otoko had green hair the same color as Komurasaki and took him to safety after seeing Zoro passed out. The swordsman of the Straw Hat crew finds out this way Yes, the woman is Komurasaki, but in reality the courtesan has very different origins.

The girl trusts Zoro and shows that he is Hiyori Kozuki, younger daughter of Oden and Toki and therefore Momonosuke's younger sister. Very few people know this secret and little Otoko is one of them. Hiyori hid for a long time and then assumed a new identity as Oiran Komurasaki in order not to arouse too many suspicions about her origins.

ONE PIECE will focus on Tonoyasu in the next episode.

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