In the anime of ONE PIECE The third act of Wano's narrative arc has begun, and after a jump of several years, fans get to know a legendary warrior, Oden Kozuki, who hasn't waited long to show his true strength.

41 years before the events, the country told of Wano it was not yet under the control of the Emperor Kaido and in this place lived the one who would become the lord of the Red Sheaths. Looking back, we have the opportunity to discover the misdeeds of a young man Kinemon accompanied by his friend Denjiro. The samurai, who in the future will accompany the Straw Hat crew for most of their journey, were overwhelmed by debt at the time and, after taking possession of a young boar to sell it on, had infuriated the so-called angry ones God of the mountain.

On this occasion the boy met Odes. The man who intervened in defense of the capital attacked by the gigantic boar, as we can see in the video shown at the end of this message, drew his two swords and used a personal one Channeling the ryou into the blades, knocked the animal over with a single blow and cut it in half perfectly.

Thanks to this gesture, all fans got to know thatincredible power of the warrior of Wano. So we look forward to new episodes to discover more achievements.

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